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Embroidered Logos, Designs, Monograms and Ciphers

Embroidered LionLion:
embtech is continually being asked to produce high quality embroidery from art work. To create The King of the Jungle we have used 6 colours with varying stitch lengths.

Warwick CastleRagged Staff:
Commissioned by The Tussaud’s Group for Warwick Castle with the brief that the embroidery was to resemble medieval hand silver thread work. Actual size 195mm high.

Pol Roger ChampagnePol Roger:
Champagne badges for motor racing suits. Actual size 80x80mm.

Commissioned by the Portuguese Air Force these very complex badges are worn by their Top Gun pilots. Actual size 115x95mm.

Chivas RegalChivas Regal:
Metallic thread embroidery. Actual size 190x70mm.

Monograms in any style or size (click on Fonts) ideal for towels, robes, bedlinen, handkerchiefs, shirts etc.

CoronetA & Coronet:
Any coronet with any style of letter.

Red DwarfFloor 13:
When the BBC made the Red Dwarf series costumes needed to be of the highest standard. Note the unusual type face used. We are able to embroider in any type face (font) required. Actual size 110mm dia.Seahorse

With the use of patterned fill stitch to create the scales. Actual size 60mm high.

Oval metallic thread badges heatsealed onto Seahorsecar mats for special edition Peugeot Cars. Actual size 85x50mm.

Embtech Embroidery Services


Embtech Embroidery Services

Embroidered Logos, Designs, Monograms and Ciphers

As you can see from the above embroidered examples, we at Embtech are able to reproduce perfect embroidered versions of your logo or design from your finished artwork no matter how complicated.

Embtech Embroidery Services